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General Liability Coverage

The Plain Truth

"But I'll Never Use It..."

I hear this from time to time when discussing General Liability coverage with the owner of a business.

Business owners tend to be pretty smart people.  I know my clients are some of the most interesting, bright and entrepreneurial people I have ever met.

Still, I would love to disagree with this statement but I can't.  

The premise is is likely they will never need to put in a claim and use the coverage.

Some use this to rationalize going without General Liability coverage for their business...or getting a bare minimum policy with inadequate coverage. 

I cannot stress enough to these folks what we call the 'Secret Definition' or 'Secret Truth' of insurance. 

I will share it with you.  Ready?

Insurance is the most worthless thing you can buy.

Until you need it.

And then you wish you had more.

There.  I said it.  

There's more.  Find out why General Liability coverage is more important than you ever realized. 

You have worked hard to build your business.  Protecting it is incredibly important.  

​​We will work hard to make sure your business, your assets and your future are protected. ​
Filling out and submitting the information below will help us get started in doing just that.

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General Liability Insurance

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