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Group Health Insurance

More and more, it seems like providing health benefits for employees is an uphill, losing battle.  Rising costs and increased regulations can hamper the very reason you are offering benefits - to attract and keep quality employees by offering attractive at a reasonable cost.  

​​There is good news - it is possible.  In fact, we are certain we can provide plans and options that will not only save money, they will also improve the benefits you offer at the same time.  

​​To begin the process, we will need to collect a list of employees, along with basic information about them that will allow us to run a full quote, showing you the best options available.  We have provided a fillable census form for your convenience.  ​

​Once completed, it can be emailed to - or faxed to 866.672.8126 (attn - Benefit Architects)​ Or, feel free to contact us directly to discuss and review your options.