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How Would a Personal Umbrella Policy Benefit Me?

Available in amounts ranging from one to five million dollars, excess liability coverage increases your personal liability limits by adding protection to your current auto, boat or homeowners policies. Also, if something is not covered in your homeowners policy (like libel), and it's not specifically excluded in the excess liability policy, you're covered.

Excess Liability Coverage Provides the Following -

Protection for covered claims by others for personal injury or property damage caused by you, members of your family/household, or hazards on your property for which you are legally liable
Personal liability coverage for occurrences on or off your premises
An additional layer of protection above your primary auto policy against auto-related liabilities
Protection against non-business related personal injury liabilities such as slander, libel, wrongful eviction or false arrest
Legal defense costs for a covered loss. Lawyer fees and associated court costs are covered
Worldwide coverage- no matter where you go, with the only exception being situations involving foreign ownership of dwellings or cars

How It Works -

Depending on the type of accident, your homeowners, auto or boat policy liability limits are used up first, then the excess liability policy covers all remaining costs (up to the amounts of coverage you purchased). For example, if your neighbor dove into your swimming pool and broke his neck, your homeowners liability coverage would pay for the first $100,000 in damages. Your excess liability policy would cover the rest (including associated legal fees) up to the one million dollar policy amount that you had purchased.

Consult with your Agent to determine the best option for your situation.

Personal Umbrella Insurance

Insurance is about protection. It is about making sure unexpected events don't derail everything you have worked for in life.

Having a personal umbrella is the single most effective way to make sure you have enough protection to weather the unexpected. This is one of the coverages we emphatically recommend to our clients.

It is inexpensive. It is wise to the point of being considered essential by us, your insurance experts. Contact us today.

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